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The proportion of loss incurred by retail business is often higher than expected. Find your store type and calculate your loss.

Industry Type Average Loss Proportion of Profit Lost
Bookshops 1.91 28.75
Clothing / Fashions 1.91 27.55
DIY Hardware / Car 1.86 25.70
Dept Store 1.70 17.80
Electrical Goods 1.60 13.33
Footwear / Sports Goods 1.12 11.70
Furniture / Textiles 0.75 12.90
Grocers / Supermarkets 0.83 25.00
Jewellers 1.53 18.20
Chemists 2.54 15.50
Toys / Music / Video 2.14 21.20

Who Really Pays?

$500 Dollars to Each Household
 - TV1 Sunday Programme
The household does not pay this. In the real world with tightening margins, competition from many other stores and more discerning customers;
The retailer, you, pays this.

At www.sharedfaces.co.nz the belief is that shared experience and shared information is a key to becoming a recognised hard target.

The website contains many tools used day to day to help each store reduce the problems of theft.

Join us and become a hard target.

The Website

Shared Faces is a website designed to reduce in store crime. This website, for the sharing of information between members, has developed a system that works within the framework of NZ laws.

Containing photos of offenders caught shoplifting, and information about that person, this website becomes a valuable tool for all retail businesses. We can assist with staff training by advising on procedures, methods and scams used by shop thieves. The site also gives helpful hints on prevention and ways to deal with possible incidents.

Our goal is to enable members to better control their stores shrinkage problems by visiting the website for updates on people, methods and scams in localised areas.

The information provided is by member participation.
Sharedfaces.co.nz provides the ideal platform.

Information sharing about shoplifters and other problems is not new. Many stores email others or attend meetings to share this type of information. This website, Sharedfaces.co.nz, brings immediacy and co-ordination to the process. It also opens the doors for small and large retail operations to be involved at the same level.


How it works.

Each member has password protected entry to our website. The site offers an easy to navigate menu giving you access to information at any time. Information will include photographs and descriptions of persons caught shoplifting.

To do this we need your input as well. A user-friendly guide is provided for you to enter information from your store. We provide the platform, you, the member, shares information. Be aware that there are strict guidelines for all of this to happen.

1st Ample signage and notices must be shown in a public place warning potential offenders that when they are caught their information will be shared with other members of the group. This will have an effect. Some people will not shoplift after reading this sign.

2nd Only a business can be a member. That is businesses must have a retail store, with a physical address. As part of the application for membership, these addresses will all be verified.

3rd A member entering details for display will be identified only by themselves not by us. The type of store will be displayed.

4th On entering the details of those actually caught in the act of shoplifting and having recovered the goods from them. Call the police. Give the shoplifter a trespass notice, (printable from the website). The trespass notice also has notification of rights of access to information for the shoplifter.

5th Person of Interest (POI) If your staff detect but do not apprehend a shoplifter, enter a photo if possible and as many details as you can. Instead of the name enter the initials POI.

Note; signs and trespass notices can be downloaded from the website.

Who uses www.sharedfaces.co.nz?

To date we have several hundred users. Some visit every couple of days, some visit less frequently or maybe only once a month. Members include Supermarkets, Pharmacies and Hardware stores plus various others.

Some of these stores have dedicated security staff that use the website as a daily tool. Those that don't have dedicated security staff simply get somebody to regularly visit the website.

Is the website legal?

Yes it is. Our lawyer is Chen Palmer and Associates. We have investigated the Privacy Act extensively and explored NZ law to discover that the law is on the side of the retailer and the victim, not the shop lifter and criminal. We do have a few simple rules that need to be followed and all details can be found in the Terms and Conditions

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